Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1-2-and now 3!

Okay so I guess the best way to let everyone know what's going on in your life 
is to post it on your BLOG... so probably the most exciting thing going on in our life right now is that our family is going to get a little BIGGER along with ME of course. 

 Yes... we are having another baby!!!  

I am about 13 wks along and we just told our family. 
Everyone was like... 
"Oh awesome I was wondering who was going to be the next one"... 
at least in my fam.  Cause this baby will be baby #20 on my side of the family.  
LOTS of cousins!!!  On Bucky's side they have 1 cousin who is a girl so Gabe thinks we are having a girl so "Kami" Bucky's brother's little girl will have someone to play with.... But we don't know yet what it is so we will be Surprised.... well at least until we have the ultrasound anyway... I am not like some people in my fam who can wait until the end for that.  Maybe someday... but not this time!  So I have felt really great only a little tired which is normal for me!  So there you go... my big secret is out into the blogging world......  
I thought it would be the fastest way to spread our fun news around!!!  
We are really excited!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Little Angels...

My brother just sent my these pics from my cousin's wedding so here you go...

My boys and I...

My little Angel Gabriel!

My little brown eyed boy...

and my little blue eyed boy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Fun!

My two little guys... doing what they do best
 eating pizza, playing with dad's iphone, swimming and being adorable!

My favorite thing lately is to tell Ethan to say "CHEESE" 
for the picture he will sit there forever just squinting his eyes 
and busting out that word no matter if he is looking at the camera
 or walking away... he is such a fun little boy! 
 I can't believe what a fun personality he has developed... 
he is such a happy little boy that loves to learn like his older brother... 
and Gabe is sure one of his best teachers.  
Gabe always says I taught Ethan this or that... 
and Ethan will just repeat word for word what Gabe just said.... 
I think it makes Gabe feel pretty special.  
They are so close and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Gabe has taken over his dad's iphone and has become quite the expert!  
He totally knows his way around it and can pull up music, 
his favorite games... and even call a few people.
What do I do... shouldn't I be worried if he knows more than me about technology 
and he is only 4 (almost)...  
He does have a TECHNOLOGY NERD for a DAD so I guess it's in his jeans.
What an incredible boy he has turned out to be!

Gabe having some fun in the cool water on a "HOT" day!

The big decision... GABE you are at the end of the diving board "DO YOU JUMP!"

NOT QUITE READY YET... Dad maybe next time!

Ethan's turn with daddy getting used to the diving board.
But sadly this time it turned out just like his older brother 
turning around and climbing down the stairs.

My Friend!

I was looking through some old photos I had and came across this picture of some buddies from high school.  The saddest part about it is that one of them was killed in a car accident recently.   
This was such a happy time in probably all of their young lives when the worries of the world were far from their thoughts.  Ryan my friend had to grow up really fast... being blessed with a beautiful child at a young age.  Sadly this was probably one of the last times that I was able to spend some childhood time with him...  Then we all kind of had to grow up... from what I have heard he lead a truely fun filled adventureous life... filled with some truely hard things thrown in his path.  
I want to express to his family who have always said that he has been their "ROCK". How my prayers are surely with them and I hope that they can truely have some peace knowing what an amazing impact he had on so many people's lives in such a short lived time here on earth. 
We all loved him and looked up to him!  God Bless you Ryan!