Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SURPRISE... Happy Birthday!

My brother Jason's wife Lindsey... decided to throw him a surprise birthday party for his 30th!!! We did it at the Electric Theater and it was a blast... All my FAM was there and a bunch of his friends and he was so surprised... He thought I was watching his kids for him while they went to a movie... (I told him just to drop the kids off at the Electric Theater...) so they came in the back and onto the stage and well the rest is history... a bunch of adults eating good food (yummy cupcakes) and taking turns singing Karaoke explains it all.  
Good job Linds... cause he is super hard to surprise & you pulled it off!  
P.S. Happy B-day to Megan & Tyler also their B-days are all in the same week!

Cupcakes anyone!

Jason & Lindsey

Heidi, Julie & Megan (My sisters and I)

All the Girls

Jon & Nik, Micah & Lori

Jon & Jason (My Brothers)

The Girls

Jason & Dave (My Brothers)

Trever & Dave

Dave, Jason & Megan

Dad & Mom

Kylee & My brother Tyler

Micah & Bucky

Heidi, Lindsey & Kai

My Amazing Parents!

Gabe got wet at the downtown splash pad and was a little cold...
Yummy Salad Mustache!

Where has the Summer Gone???

Well, we have been busy and have had a fun summer so far... like most of you... From going to the Lake, to the Park, Family Reunions, hanging with friends and family, or just hanging out at home this summer is sure flying by... we are sure trying to making the most of it!

My three cute boys working so hard!

Can you say... "BEST FRIENDS" at their worst!

Okay so I am just wondering if any of your children are in a phase of doing goofy faces. Everytime I try to take Gabes picture he covers his face and he thinks its so funny I of course now with the "free digital pictures" I just keep taking the same picture until he looks halfway descent "How pathetic am I" although he's still pretty cute even when he tries really hard to make himself look ugly....

Mom and the boys!!!

Dad and his boys!!!

It's CLIMBING TIME!!!  with dad's help of course!

S-L-I-D-E ..... T-I-M-E!!!!!!!

It looks like the Dad's are taking over the playground!

Fun in the sand at the Park with friends!


Can you say "CHEESE" Gabe?

Just Chillin'...

Ethan and his cousin Ellie getting jiggy to the music... at the lake!  
(They did the robot and the booty shake and everything in between)

Gabe swimming at Lake Powell... nice face huh!... and nice water I know 
(at least the water is finally raising we can't complain too much!)

Ethan Cheesing it as usual...