Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Found this on another bloggers website and I thought is was pretty cool, so thanks....

"You know you're from St. George when..."

1. You either "Bled Blue" in High school or you were rivals with those that did.
2. Being A Flyer, Warrior, or Panther...actually means something to you.
3. You know how to properly pronounce "Hurricane"
4. You have slept on a trampoline.
5. You remember "The Flood" (either one).
6. You know who Bruce Hurst is.
7. You have seen too many to count transformations of the Hurst Ben Franklin store.
8. You have permanent tan marks on your feet from living in flip flops for years at a time.
9. You remember wearing girbeauds.
10. Or wanted them.
11. You know what “the red hill" is.
12. And might have used it as a good introduction for making out with the person you took up there. ;)
13. You did a race in high school to carry a large bucket there.
14. You have purchased an ice block before.
15. You've snuck onto Sunbrook, or one of the other golf courses at least once.
16. You think it’s freezing when temperatures dip below 50.
17. You've almost been killed by a elderly senior who, seriously should not be driving.
18. Lake Powell literally becomes your home in the summer months.
19. You've been to the Electric Theatre at least once in your life.
20. You know everyone goes to Larsen's or Iceberg during spring break.
21. You've taken random trips to California or Vegas.
22. You know the defintion of a hot summer.
23. You know someone who was in High School Musical 2.
24. You don't mind yelling at the t.v. screen "HEY!! I've been there! HEY THIS IS WHERE I’M FROM!!!" when you watch the movie, while everyone else looks at you like a moron.
25. You’ve been to the Dixie Roundup (more than once).
26. You've complained about the sucky mall we have.
27. You’ve spent a lunch (or two) at Albertsons.
28. You have suggested cruising the Boulevard on a friday night after a game.
29. You still have all our high school game chants memorized.
30. You know that the Ramada Inn is the end turn around point of the boulevard.
31. You’re parents complained about spring break visitors atleast once.
32. You've never gone to a store without seeing at least one person you know.
33. You are from Bloomington, Morningside, St. James or Green Valley and you were proud of it.
34. You miss being able to get practically anywhere in 2-5 minutes.
35. You could find flood street blindfolded.
36. You’ve had shoes stained by red dirt.
37. You thought the Veyo pool was cool.
38. You’ve ever caught a crawdad
39. You know where everyone goes Skimboarding.
40. You knew the personal lives of practically everyone,
41. And unfortunately everyone knew yours.
42. You always see someone you know at Christensens.
43. You've thought the city pool tube was the best water ride you’d ever been on.
44. Sonic was the coolest place to work in town
45. Practically all your teachers were mormon.
46. Some were in your ward.
47. You considered Ivins to be way out of town.
48. You carried all your books in a brown plastic tote from class to class.
49. You always found it kind of weird that people come from all over the world just to go to Zions.
50. Church Prayers always mention rain.
51. Two words: Cliff Jumping.
52. You drove to Mesquite/Vegas just to get out of town.
53. You have a Pasta Factory favorite combination.
54. You know what the "giant bra" is.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Boys

This is my baby boy Ethan... but he is not quite a baby anymore... He turned 1 in September and now that he is walking everywhere I can't catch up to him!  He is a mellow, yet loud little boy (only if he wants my attention) and has so much fun following his older brother and cousins around!

This is our little boy Gabe... he turned 3 in October!  He loves learning and can't wait to start Preschool... He also loves playing with his cousins and friends, ride his bike, play his guitar... or any musical instrument and hang with his little brother Ethan.