Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures for fun!

These are pictures I took of Bucky's little brother Kyle who is in The Academy... I take pictures of the final shows at the Theater for the Academy!

The Academy @ The Electric Theater!

For those of you that don't know... my husband Bucky and his family run the Electric Theater a music venue downtown.  Well Bucky and his partner Korky opened up a music school called "The Academy", next door to the theater!  It is a school for kids ages 7 to 18.   They teach Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, and Vocals!  They have a 45 min. private lessons weekly and can also take part in one of the groups.  The kids can choose from one of the Groups they are working on that Semester, they meet for 3 hours weekly.  At the end of their semester they get to perform live on stage at the Electric Theater on a Friday and Saturday night for their family, friends, and the public.  We just finished our 3rd Semester and are about to start our 4th Semester... Some of the past groups that they have done are: Rock of Ages, Led Zeppelin, Back to the 80's, Masters of Metal, and The Beatles!  This Semester they are doing The Ramones, Pink Floyd, and Southern Rock!  So we have been pretty busy with that going on, the word is starting to spread about our little "School of Rock" it is growing pretty quick we have about 50 students so far! You can check out the website: www.theelectrictheater.com and click on "Academy" It is so much fun so if you know anyone that should or wants to be a part of it they should check it out!