Monday, October 13, 2008

Lake Powell and Ethan's Birthday...

All my family was down at Lake Powell and we went down also... 
which happened to be the day of our little Ethan's 2nd Birthday!  
So I lugged a cake down there to celebrate 
and we all had such a blast down there... 
It was a casual occasion, but that was just fine with me... 
so here are some from the lake and stuff...

Yup his name isn't even on it... it was a casual party! 
Clothes were even optional for this birthday boy!

He has been such a fun boy to see grow up 
and his personality cracks us up every second!  
He is so smart and funny and 
Gabe will attest to teaching Ethan everything he knows!
We love you so much Ethan! Congrats on turning 2!

The weather was just Amazing!

Morning of his birthday... he is pretty happy as you can tell!

He can't quite show 2 fingers on one hand 
so we showed him how to be ambidextrous... 
He's so smart and he is only 2 "I know"!

My 3 cute boys at Lake Powell!

Ethan talking to his Grandpa Craig on his birthday 
we kept telling him to hold the phone up to his mouth 
so Craig could hear him talk and so he did just that.... 
Kid's are so rad!

Just happy to be at the Lake with my Hubby!


Michael and Lindsey said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Your boys are so handsome!!! I can't believe Ethan is 2! My little Colby just turned 2 yesterday! Craaazzy!!

Kariann & Jd said...

That looks like a nice trip to Lake Powell im sad we never made it down there this summer! :(